Steger's Chiffonade - Pie of the Month Club
Steger's Chiffonade - Feeding your family at home
Pie of the Month Club 2017
I offer a different pie each month, separate from the weekly menus. You can join the club and get a different pie each month delivered to your home.
12 months for $160.00
6 months for $85.00
Monthly $18.00 a month
January: Cranberry-Apple
February: Chocolate Chess Pie
March: Banana Cream Pie
April: Strawberry Pie
May: Lemon Meringue Pie
June: Blueberry Crumble
July: Apricot Tart
August: Blackberry Cobbler
September: Spiced Pear Pie
October: Pumpkin Pie
November: Chocolate Pecan Pie
December: Coconut Cream Pie
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